Devin Leigh - Singer/Songwriter/One Man Band/Kung Fu Acoustic Guitarist
Devin's new album "Searching for the Truth" is available now! 
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For your consideration for best contemporary blues in the 59th Grammy awards. The album was mixed by multi Grammy award winner Tre Nagella(Taylor Swift, Pitbull), and features a song co written by Grammy nominee Madi Das, and a performance by world renowned bassist and Grammy nominee Juan Garcia Herreros(Christina Aguilara, Al Jarreu). 
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"Devin Leigh probably doesn’t care what constitutes Texas Music. Whether he’s cranking up amplified resonators and using a slide to get a muddy mojo or fingerpicking an acoustic for a fresh-as-a-daisy timbre, his repertoire is as varied as the Lone Star terrain."
Jeff Prince, Fort Worth Weekly

"One of the towns best guitarists",

"Plain and simple, Devin Leigh rocks!" Aden Bubeck, bassist for Miranda Lambert

"Listen to Devin Leigh's Blackwater!"Darryl Smyers, The Dallas Observer

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"Best in Texas" magazine is out  with a full feature article on Devin!
"Lively guitar that would make the Allman Brothers proud!"
~Lonestar Music Magazine~
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